Nick Lacour Bio, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Salary, WDAM-TV

Nick Lacour Photo
Nick Lacour Photo

Nick Lacour Biography

Nick Lacour is an American meteorologist and multi-media journalist who works as a meteorologist for WDAM-TV in Moselle, Mississippi. He joined the station in January 2024 after working as a wiring technician at the University of South Alabama MESONET.

Nick Lacour Age

Lacour prefers to keep his personal life private, hence he has not yet published his birth year, date, or month. Details as to when he celebrates his birthday are not available to the public. Most likely, he could be in his 30s.

Nick Lacour Height

Nick Lacour Lacour is approximately 5’8″ tall.

Nick Lacour Education

After high school, he attended the University of South Alabama to study meteorology. His scholastic career came to a close in 2023 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Lacour’s school background provided him with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin his profession as a meteorologist and provide beneficial projections and insight to his community.

Nick Lacour Family

Lacour is quite discreet about his personal life. He has not provided detailed details about his family. However, it is known that he was born in Denver but grew up in south Louisiana, where the majority of his family lives. One branch of his family has deep roots in Louisiana, extending back to the days when it was still part of New France. However, more extensive information about his parents and siblings is being reviewed and will be released as soon as it is available.

Nick Lacour Wife

Lacour is quite quiet about his personal life, hence it is unknown if he is in any relationship. There are also no rumors of him having a previous relationship with someone.

Nick Lacour Salary

Lacour’s annual compensation at WDAM-TV as a meteorologist ranges from $40,000 to $ 110,500.

Nick Lacour’s Net Worth

Lacour’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million, obtained through his work as a multi-media journalist and meteorologist.

Nick Lacour Career

Lacour serves as a meteorologist for WDAM 7, which he joined in January 2024. Before joining WDAM 7, Lacour worked as a wiring technician for a weather observation network that stretched from Leakesville, Mississippi to the Wiregrass region near Dothan, Alabama. This role allowed him to work directly with the essential instruments and data for weather observation and prediction.

Hurricane Katrina devastated his hometown of New Orleans, sparking his interest in meteorology. Being exposed to the hurricane’s devastating consequences prompted him to pursue a career in meteorology, with a particular emphasis on tropical cyclones. This personal experience has given him a unique awareness of the need for accurate weather forecasting and its impact on people’s safety.

Lacour enjoys fishing, reading, and tinkering while he is not at work. He finds peace in nature and the sky, which continues to inspire his work and life. Lacour’s story, from the imaginative kid who was impacted by a natural calamity to the adult meteorologist, effectively conveys the concept of meteorologists’ importance in our society.

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