Brooklynn Prince Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Brooklynn Prince photo
Brooklynn Prince photo

Brooklynn Prince Biography

Brooklynn Prince is 14 years old as of the year 2024.She was born in Winter Springs, Florida, USA on the 4th of May, 2010.She is a  well-known child actress from America. Her full name is Brooklynn Kimberly Prince. She has worked in various movies and TV series She flaunts her outstanding acting skills.The young actress has played very unique roles in horror films in the year 2020.

Prince has also earned several awards and a number of nominations. Since childhood she wanted to be an actress and had a passion for acting. She credits her parents for having being very supportive throughout her career.She follows the Christian faith and she is of Caucasian descent. Prince’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

Brooklynn Prince Age

Brooklynn Prince is 13 years of age as of 2023. She  was born on the 4th of May, 2010

Brooklynn Prince Height

Brooklyn Prince has a charming personality and she is very attractive. The artist is about 4 feet 7 inches in height

Brooklynn Prince Family

Prince was raised and grew up with her siblings and family in Florida, USA where she was born. Since childhood she wanted to be an actress and had a passion for acting. She credits her parents for having being very supportive throughout her career.

Prince’s father is Quinn Emmett and is a screenwriter and the founder and host of INI an independent science news agency. Her mother’s name is Dan Fox and she is a writer

Brooklynn Prince Siblings

Prince has only one younger brother known as Cullen Prince.

Brooklynn Prince Boyfriend

, Prince does not have a boyfriend and is currently single. A young person like her is actually quite young to be in any kind of relationship.

Brooklynn Prince Education

Prince managed to balance her education and acting career as she was homeschooled. She was able to fully commit to her craft and pursue her passion for acting at a young age because of this flexibility.

Brooklynn Prince’s Net worth

Prince pockets a net worth of  $18 million dollars.

Brooklynn Prince in Home Before Dark Season 3

Their is so much anticipation for the cast of “Home Before Dark’s core to make a come back for season three. Brooklynn prince, Bridget Jensen, Abby Miller as Hilde’s mother,Jim Sturgess, Izzy Lisko,Donny Davis,Jibrail Nantambu as Hilde’s best buddy, Rogers as Hilde’s older sister, and Deric McCabe as Hilde’s best friend Wesley “Spoon” Witherspoon are the much awaited actors to appear in the film.

Other significant figures including Frank Briggs Jr. (Michael Weston), Principal Kim Collins (Joelle Carter), and Sheriff Mackenzie “Trip” Johnson (Aziza Scott) are also likely to appear in a third season.Hilde’s family is one of her biggest supporters of the movie “Home Before Dark,”

Hilde’s sister Izzy is only a few years older than her and preoccupied with other pastimes, but she still finds the time to assist when she can, even though her father was a reporter himself in New York City.

Izzy is a little less eager to work with Hilde in Season 2 because it interferes with her developing social life, but she changes her mind.

Their mother whose name is Bridget is quite reluctant and upset with her husband whose name is Mathew for the lies she has been telling in regards to her history. On the other hand she fully supports Hilde for her passion in reporting.

Brooklynn Prince Career

From a young age, Prince was inspired to pursue a career in acting by her mother, who also served as her acting coach. Her grandmother supported her acting career and assisted her in getting her first audition.

Prince acted in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial and posed for Parenting Magazine. Upon turning two years old. She appeared in a Visit Orlando (Florida’s official tourism organization) advertisement.

In 2017, she made her acting debut in “Rob-Dog: Airborne,” playing the part of Mira Perry. Moonee, Halley’s 6-year-old daughter, was portrayed by Bria Vinaite in Moonee with Prince.

She was praised for her exceptional acting, which gained her multiple accolades in 2017 with “Rob-Dog: Airborne”and this is the film that made her acting debut.

She played Sophie in the same year’s “Monsters at Large” film. She voiced Zoe in “The Angry Birds Movie 2” and portrayed Bianca in “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” in 2019.

Aadila Dosani, Fleur Delahunty, Jesse Moss, and Mila Morgan are among the performers who appear in the “Colours” short film, which was directed by Prince.She was also a cast as Natalie, a nine-year-old, in the film.

In the occult horror film “The Turning,” Prince played Flora Fairchild. She shared the screen with Mackenzie Davis, Joely Richardson, and Finn Wolfhard. She later provided the voice for Ruby in “The One and Only Ivan in 2020.”

In 2021, Prince played Younger Remmy in the science fiction thriller movie “Settlers” from the United Kingdom. She has been a cast member of the TV show “Home Before Dark” since the year 2020.

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