Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru

If you have been wondering where to visit during the festive season or your holiday, worry not. Kenya has many eye-capturing tourist sites to visit. We at bring you some of the best and most unique places.

Lake Nakuru is one of the best places to go, where thousands and thousands of flamingos are hosted. Being a soda lake, Nakuru hosts thousands of our feathered friends due to the availability of the blue-green algae that grows on the shores of the lake.

Lake Nakuru is situated in the Rift Valley region, and it is known to have impala, hippopotamuses, and water bucks as well. National Geographic placed Lake Nakuru as one of the top ten colorful scenes in the world in 2015.

The birds in the lake make a chirping sound around the lake; this is such a welcoming atmosphere for people who love nature. The lake is home to over 500 bird species, which include flamingoes, eagles, pelicans, the fish eagle, and the kingfisher, among the most popular.

Lodges in Lake Nakuru

The lake has various accommodation lodges to choose from during a visit to the lake. They include, just to mention a few

1. Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.

2. Lake Nakuru Flamingo Logde.

3. Lake Nakuru Lodge.

4. Sarova Lion Hill Camp.


Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is a wildlife haven with numerous wildlife species, including giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and a wide variety of bird species. The park offers tourists an enormous point of view of the lake’s amazing sites.

The park is situated in Nakuru County. Lake Nakuru National Park is approximately 190 square kilometers and has three gates around it. The rivers Njoro, Makalia, Larmudiak, Nderit, and Naishi drain their contents into Lake Nakuru.

The park has conference and breathtaking services and also serves as a picnic site, bird watching, camping, and game safaris. Lake Nakuru National Park has magnificent viewpoints, grasslands, and trees. Eye-catching sites in the park include Lake Nakuru, Baboon Cliff, Makalia waterfall, bird species, and wildlife.

Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

1. Game Drives: Tourists are treated to a tour of the park to see wildlife such as zebra, impala, reedbucks, Thomson, baboons, and many more. During the game drives, tourists are assured of security.

2. Bird Watching: This is an activity in the National Park that enables tourists to have a view of various bird species in the park. Most commonly seen are the flamingoes, which are seen along the shores of Lake Nakuru and have an eye-catching color of pink.

3. Hiking: Viewpoints such as the Baboon Cliff make a perfect hiking spot for tourists as they watch wildlife animals grazing and also get a glimpse of the magnificent scenery of the National Park.


The park has trained park wardens who are always alert to the hippos’ activities and prevent them from accessing the resident areas.



Planning a vacation but confused about where to go? We at got you covered. The Maasai Mara National Game Reserve is a perfect holiday destination for you and your family. The game reserve is situated in Nakuru County, Kenya.

Maasai Mara is home to lions, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants, among other wild animals. The game Reserve would be an excellent choice for a travel holiday, as you get to witness a thrilling experience as you witness the Wilder Beast migration.

Maasai Mara has two permanent lodges, namely Little Governors Camp and the Mara Serene Lodge. This reduces any stress-related issues related to accommodation as you get to choose where to stay from the lodges mentioned.

Maasai Mara has rangers who patrol frequently, ensuring the comfort of tourists and assuring the visitors get perfect game views. The Maasai Mara National Game Reserve got the privilege of having the BBC show titled The Big Cat filmed right inside the park.

The park offers tourists many reasons to visit the animal paradise due to the unique wildlife conservation haven, which is popular for its breathtaking national diversity of wildlife and is the foremost Kenya safari site in East Africa.

The word Maasai originates from the Maasai tribe, who are nomadic residents of the area. The word mara is a Maasai word meaning spotted. It refers to the omnipresent topped acacia trees, shrubs, and bushes that act as the pinpoint of the landscape across the reserve.

Activities in Maasai Mara National Game Reserve

The Mara has exciting activities to offer that include:

1. Nature walks: Tourists are treated to a perfect tour of the reserve and get to have a closer look at the park’s wildlife.

2. Hot air balloon: This is done mostly at the break of dawn and ends in a super exciting leisure champagne bush breakfast. It is quite an adventurous activity, and the Mara provides an excellent environment for a stunning day trip.

The trip takes approximately one hour. The pilots are well-experienced, and the tour has a track record of safety, so there is no need to worry about safety.

3. Visit the traditional Tribal Maasai Village: This allows tourists to get a glimpse of the unique way of life of the Maasai community.

4. Bush Meal: It is such an amazing and exciting activity to have different tastes in various types of meals apart from the ones that a person is accustomed to. The bush meat acts as the perfect change during such trips.



Amboseli National Park is located in Loitoktok, Kajiao County, Kenya. The park is crowned by the enormous Mount Kilimanjaro, with a large view of elephants at a close range. Amboseli has a spectacular view of the highest peak in Africa.

And it is full of a wide range of wildlife, which includes cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and quite a large number of different species of birds, including water birds like crakes, kingfishers, and pelicans. Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s most famous parks.

The Amboseli name comes from a Maasai word meaning salty dust. Tourists are treated to visit the local Masai community, who are neighbors around the park, and get to experience their bona fide culture. The park is famous for being the home of the African elephant.

Rules in Amboseli National Park

1. The park management recommends that tourists give the animals the right of way.

2. Tourists should keep to the tracks.

3. Tourists are not allowed in their vehicles except at designated spots.

4. Harassing animals is not allowed.

5. Off-road driving is not allowed.

NB: Tourists should not be worried if they are planning to visit the park in the rainy season, as this is eased by the fact that there is an airport in the park. For people who also don’t plan on going by road, air transport would be the best choice. The airport makes the park accessible to tourists coming from far-off places.



Mombasa is one of the perfect travel destinations to visit in Kenya. In case you are wondering where to take a vacation in Kenya, we at have got you covered with exclusive information on why you should consider a visit to Mombasa.

Mombasa is located on the south coast of Kenya, and it is along the Indian Ocean. It is the largest port in Kenya. Because of its combined culture, Mombasa is considered an attractive city that is appealing to different types of travelers.

The city is popular for its old monuments, beaches, corals, and lively street markets. Mombasa flaunts a combination of different cultures, arts, traditions, and cuisines, which include Indian, Arab, Portuguese, Asian, and British.

The paramount Attractions in Mombasa

1. Diani Beach.

2. Mombasa Marine National Park.

3. Fort Jesus.

4. Nyali Beach.

Mombasa offers a variety of top things to do while on vacation, such as a wildlife safari, diving, and shopping, among others. The city is a trading center due to its location on the Indian Ocean.

Another attraction is the Mnara Stone Mosque, built in 1570. Mombasa is a tourism-based town with an extra-large port and an international airport. Several hotels are based in Nyali, Shanzu, and Bamburi, so this makes it easy for tourists to choose accommodation from either of the hotels.

The main means of transport to Mombasa are:

1. Road: The majority of the roads to Mombasa are tarmacked, making the city accessible.

2. Air: The city has Moi International Airport, among the second-largest airports in Kenya, which has flights to Nairobi daily.

3. Sea: In East Africa, Mombasa Port is the largest of them all. The port is covered by rail and a road to the interior.

4. Ferry: In between the south coast and Mombasa, there is no bridge, so ferries are used to cross between the two.

Mombasa has the most elegant collection of award-winning and the best beaches surrounding the destination and an example would be Diani Beach

Beaches located in the North Cost include:

1. Bamburi Beach: The beach is near Mombasa and contains water that is better than at other beaches in Nyali.

2. English point: It has a magnificent safari view of the Indian Ocean and Old Town, and it is recommended for swimming.

3. Nyali beaches: They have a lovely environment and are the best and most popular. The beaches are near the city center.

4. Diani Beach: It is the best in Mombasa, with eye-catching classic beach resorts and hotels on the beach. The beach has white palm trees

5. Shanzu Beach: This is another option for tourists that offers a less crowded environment and offers activities like swimming and diving.

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