Christopher Poole Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Net Worth

Christopher Poole Photo
Christopher Poole Photo

Christopher Poole Biography

Christopher Poole is an American internet entrepreneur and developer who goes by the online handle moot.  Poole was born in New York City in 1988. He founded the anonymous English-language imageboard 4chan when he was still a teenager in October 2003, and he served as the site’s head administrator until January 2015.

From 2011 to 2014, he also founded the online community Canvas. Poole joined Google in 2016 as a product manager for the Google+ social network. In 2021, he departed the company.

Christopher Poole Age

Christopher Poole was born on December 22, 1988. He is  35 years old. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Christopher Poole Height

Christopher Poole is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 68kgs.

Christopher Poole Education

According to a source in ‘The Washington Post,’ Poole dropped out of Virginia Commonwealth University after only a few semesters. The article further mentioned that he lived with his mother and was seeking a way out to generate money as the owner of ‘4chan’.

Christopher Poole Family

Poole is married to Mary Castro a television weather anchor. The couple was blessed with twins Liam and Gavin.

Chrostpher poole Wife

Christopher Poole is married to Marysol Castro, a television weather anchor.

Christopher Poole Children

Poole’s children’s names are known by the names Liam and Gavin.

Christopher Poole’s Net worth

Christopher Poole’s net worth is estimated to be  $2.5 million.

Christopher Poole

Prior to creating ‘4chan,’ he was an active member of the ‘Something Awful’ boards. He wished to create an American analog to Japan’s popular imageboard known as ‘Futaba Channel’ (‘2chan), which would also serve as a forum for anime and manga discussion. On October 1, 2003, he established the imageboard website ‘4chan,’ when he was only 15 years old.

While developing ‘4chan,’ he used AltaVista’s Babel Fish online translator to translate the Futaba Channel website’s source code from Japanese to English.
Initially, ‘4chan’ had only two boards: ‘/a/ – Anime/General’ and ‘/b/ – Anime/Random’ (later renamed ‘/b/ – Random’), with the Random board being the first to be founded. Other boards were eventually developed, each with its own set of content and restrictions. Leopoldo Godoy of Brazilian TV Globo dubbed the site “the ground zero of Western web culture” in 2008.

In an open internet survey conducted by ‘Time magazine, he was selected as the world’s most influential person in 2008. However, because voting was impacted by manual ballot stuffing and automatic voting tools, the outcome of the survey raised concerns even before the poll closed. 4chan intervention appeared to be a possibility after it was revealed that the first letters of the poll’s top 21 contenders combined form a phrase that contains two 4chan memes, “marble cake.” IN ADDITION, THE GAME.”

Poole’s true identity, known as ‘ moot,’ was revealed in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on July 9, 2008. Lev Grossman, the magazine’s book critic and chief technology writer at the time, also published an interview that day explaining the power of the non-visible administrator,’ whom he claimed to identify as Christopher Poole. According to an article in ‘The Observer,’ he is the most influential web entrepreneur of all time.

Poole discussed the cause behind 4chan’s reputation as a ‘Meme Factory’ at the Paraflows Symposium’s ‘Urban Hacking’ on September 12, 2009, in Vienna, Austria. The lecture was later published in the academic reading ‘Mind and Matter: Comparative Approaches to Complexity.’
On February 10, 2010, he spoke at the TED2010 conference in Long Beach, California. He testified as a government witness in the Sarah Palin email hacking jury trial, ‘United States of America v. David Kernell,’ in April of that year.

His 4chan username is’moot.’ The platform, where users can normally post practically anything anonymously, quickly gained popularity. It has boards dedicated to a wide range of themes such as anime/manga, sports, politics, literature, and music. As of 2011, the most popular boards are /b/ (Random), /s/ (explicit photos), /a/ (Anime and Manga), and /v/ (Video games).

Poole announced on January 14, 2015, that Canvas had been dissolved in December 2014 and that the remaining funds had been donated to charity. The website’s security issues are partly to blame for its termination.

Poole joined Google in 2016 as a product manager for the Google+ social network. In 2021, he departed the company.

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